Introducing The Delta Force Electric Motor

Delta Force Motors has invented an ultra efficient electric motor technology. Our technology surpasses the efficiency barriers of today’s induction motors because we invented a simple way to convert the potential energy stored in a permanent magnet into kinetic energy. Allowing us to leverage the magnet as an additional power source compared to today's induction motor technology which uses only electricity to spin the motor.

Business Opportunity

We are seeking EV manufacturers, electric motor manufacturers and OEM customers who will license our motor technology and designs to help them meet the global requirements for more efficient electric motors. Our engineering team will provide turnkey solutions that can go directly to manufacturing.

How Does The Delta Force Motor Work?

The Delta Force Motor derives its rotational power from the attractive force of a permanent magnet mounted to a rotor, which is attracted to a novel shaped stator. The resulting attractive force of the magnet to the stator causing rotation of the rotor. The design requires an electric pulse at the end of each magnetic cycle to restart the energy conversion process.

As can be seen from Figure 1, the novel stator is spiral shaped rather than round, as is the case for virtually all current electric motors.

In the Figure 1, the rotor turns clockwise. The start position is where the stator is at its farthest distance from the rotor magnet. The magnet on the rotor will always be attracted to the ever closer position on the stator just in front of its current position. The result is a rotation of the motor shaft which is connected to the rotor. When the rotor reaches the closest point to the stator (12 o'clock position), a pulse of electricity is applied to the gating coil, which allows the rotor to move past the gating element, enabling the magnet to start another energy conversion cycle (rotation).